Friday, January 25, 2013

Secret Tree That Heals!

I'm always looking for new ways to stay healthy naturally. I am a juicer since I was a teenager. My mother was into home remedies and she also juiced. She learned about alternative medicine from reading Edgar Cayce and put it all into action. I know a lot about the topic of nutrition from her and I also took courses on nutrition and, administered medication to people with disabilities.

I did receive the Neem lotion and capsules the other day and, used the lotion right away.

The lotion has a nice fragrance to it making my kitchen smell like flowers. I rubbed some on my face (keep away from eyes) neck, hair, and arms. It made my hair shiny and overall hydrated. I then took the capsules, opened them and put the powder into my juicer along with the other fruit and vegetables I had in it already.

The Healing Neem Tree is known in many countries all around the world! It is used for its many healing properties.

Aside from its traditional uses of purifying and cleansing the body of bacteria and, viruses
Neem possesses benefits similar to those of Echinacea and Golden Seal. But it is much more potent than those.

This glorious tree is a BIG little known secret which has so many healing effects that I cannot list them all. Here are some of my picks for use of this mostly un-heard of Tree to us in the United States that needs to get some attention.
With anti-biotics being in short supply it is a good idea to add this to your first aide kit.

It has long lasting shelf life also so no worry about it going bad.
Since I cannot say it is a Anti-cancer or Anti- tumor killer I won't say it.
I can say it is an Anti-septic- Anti-viral- Analgesic- Kills pest from head lice to dandruff- and, so much more!

Follow recipes from certified nutritionist. Or simply follow the directions on the product.


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